Trenton Horticultural Society & Garden Club

Pot Luck Dinner:

The Pot Luck Dinner was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all of the members for providing a wonderful dinner. Before dinner, Elizabeth Thiel said grace.


Meeting called to order by Judy Muldoon at 7:20

A brief slide show of what happened during 2018 by James Kimmerely

Highlights included: The plant sale in May, The Flower Show in July, Convention July 2018, held in Kingston, Vegetable Show-August

Approval of the October 18 Meeting Minutes

Motioned by: Fran Burroughs

Seconded by: Kathy Hallick

Financial Report: Doug Carter, Treasurer

Approval the Financial Report

Motioned by: Lindy Dalgaard

Seconded by Don Andrews

Audited Financial Report by Kevin Buhr and Nev Burroughs-thank you so much. 

Membership Report: Anne Tetreault

2018 ends with 95 Members. Well Done!

We had 3 guests at tonight’s meeting

Several members purchased their 2019 Membership. 

46 Members were in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

Election of Officers: Conducted by Gayla Campney

Gayla is representing Penny Stewart tonight: District 3 borrowed $300 from each club for the Convention in 2018. All monies have been returned. There may be additional monies returned in 2019. The Mission and Goals are to Inspire and Volunteer in 2019. 

Gayla Campney  inducted the following on the Executive Board of 2019.

Nomination to become a Board Member:

Called 3 times to see if any one else is interested in joining the board. No one came forward.

Nomination for President: Judy Muldoon

Called 3 times to see if anyone else would like to be nominated. No one else nominated. 

Judy Muldoon is elected President for another term

Nomination for Vice- President: Penny Tracy

Called 3 times to see if any one else would like to be nominated for Vice -President.

No one else nominated. Penny Tracy is now the Vice- President.

New Board Members: Carol Wilson, Catherine Lariviere, Fran Burroughs 

All members of the board are now inducted by Gayla Campney.

The Executive and of Directors for 2019 are:

Judy Muldoon, President

Penny Tracy, Vice -President

Joan Gray, Past President

Doug Carter, Treasurer

Sally Latimour, Secretary

Anne Tetreault, Director,

Pat Dunham, Director,

James Kimmerely, Director

Fran Burroughs, Director

Catherine Lariviere, Director

Carol Wilson, Director

Thank You to all of the Executive and Board of Directors from 2018 for their efforts during the past year. Centerpieces for tonight’s meeting were donated by the Executive and Board of Directors.

Flower Boxes at Old City Hall- 6 members arrived to help decorate for Remembrance Day and the Christmas Holidays. Thank you to all who volunteered their time. It took only 40 minutes to complete.

Mushroom Kits: If you are interested in pre-ordering before February’s meeting, please see Judy Muldoon.

New Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards will be available at the beginning of the 2019.

$10 per copy. See Judy Muldoon or Sally Latimour if you are interested.

** Eastern Mystery Tour: Saturday June 8, 2019- Cost $70 per person. Space is limited to 20 seats unless we can fill a larger bus. Makes a great Christmas gift. Please call Judy at 613-962-6025 or email if you would like to be put on the list to go on the tour. Deposits will be necessary at the February meeting.

Presentation of Presidents Awards:

Awards were presented to:

Bonnie Bowness & Terri Bowness for making the dinner for the Annual Flower Show for the last 2 years. Lezlie Miller for being on the executive and especially for organizing all of the flower  shows.

A special thank you to all of you for all of your efforts during the past year to make our club the great success that it is.

This year’s donation proceeds from the Chinese Auction went to the Food Bank and Christmas Sharing Program. We raised $200 plus $17 from the sale of the plant bulbs. We also collected a box of non-perishable food items. Thank you to all who participated.

Meeting adjourned by |Judy Muldoon @8:05pm

Minutes prepared by: Sally Latimour, Secretary


Wishing You and Your Families

Happy Holidays


A Happy New Year 2019 

Best Wishes

From the Executive Board of Directors

Judy Muldoon, President

Penny Tracy, Vice President

Joan Gray, Past President

Doug Carter, Treasurer

Sally Latimour, Secretary

Anne Tetreault, Board Member

Pat Dunham, Board Member

James Kimmerely, Board Member

Carol Wilson, Board Member

Fran Burroughs, Board Member

Catherine Lariviere, Board Member


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