Thursday August 16, 2018

Mini Vegetable Show


Potluck Dinner followed by a

Video Presentation


38 Years of Gardening

Trenton Horticultural Society & Garden Club

Trenton United Church

85 Dundas Street East

Trenton, ON

Thursday August 16, 2018

Agenda for August 16, 2018 Meeting:

Vegetable Show:

Exhibits to be placed between 5pm -5:30pm 

Judging at 5:30pm

Potluck at 6pm: 

***Please bring your own plate, utensils and mug*** Thank you

Video Presentation @ 7pm

Welcome by Judy Muldoon

Introduction of Presentation

Business Meeting:

Judy Starts Meeting 

Approval of Meeting Minutes from June Meeting: 

Motion to Accept:

Seconded by:

Financial Report: Doug Carter

Motion to Accept Financial Report:

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Membership Report: Anne Tetreault

Guests for this Meeting:

New Members:

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Competitions: Lezlie Miller

Flower Show

Vegetable Show

Convention 2018: Kingston: Judy Muldoon & James Kimmerely

Silent Auction Results: $$



SECTION A -VEGETABLES/ FRUIT ​Plates will be provided for display(2 entries in each class allowed, must be different cultivars) 

Class 1 - ​BEANS - 5 

Class 2 ​- BEETS - 3 

Class 3 -​ BROCCOLI -1 stalk 

Class4​ - CARROTS - 5 

Class5​ - CABBAGE - 1 head 

Class6​ - CAULIFLOWER - 1 head

Class 7 - CORN - 3 

Class 8 - ​CUCUMBER, slicing - 3 of any one variety 

Class9​ - CUCUMBER, pickling -5 

Class10​ - EGGPLANT - 1 

Class 11 -​ GARLIC - 1 bulb

Class12​ - MELONS -1

Class13 -​ OKRA - 5 

Class14​ - ONIONS – 3

Class15 -​ ONIONS, green – 5

Class16​ - ONIONS, pickling – 5

Class17​ - PEPPERS -3

Class18​ –PLUMS -5 

Class19​ - POTATOES - 3 

Class20​ - RASPBERRIES - 5 

Class21 -​ SQUASH, summer – 3

Class22 -​ SQUASH, winter - 1 

Class23 -​ TOMATOES, cherry - 1 spray 

Class24​ - TOMATOES, slicing - 3 

Class25 -​ANY OTHER FRUIT - 3 


SECTION B - HERBS (plants with aromatic or savoury properties) 

Class27​ - HERB IN POT - named 

Class28​ - HERB PLANTER - 3 or more herbs grown in a single container, named

Class29​ - HERB BOUQUET - a bunch of cut herbs(3-5 different varieties) in a container with water, named 

SECTION C - COLLECTIONS - grown by exhibitor 

Class30 - ​COLLECTION of VEGETABLES/FRUITS - 5 minimum, named, displayed in a suitable container 

Class31​ - COLLECTION of HERBS -3 or more, named, in their own pots 


Items may be purchased for the designs, one entry per class. 

Class32 - MAKE US LAUGH - Fruit and/or Vegetable creature 

Class33- EDIBLE BOUQUET - displayed in a canning jar 

The following entries must be planted and designed by the exhibitor: 

Class34-​ OUTDOOR HANGING BASKET​ -​ your choice of plant material 

Class35-​ OUTDOOR CONTAINER OR PLANTER - your choice of plant material 

Exhibits to be placed between 5pm -5:30pm 

Judging at 5:30

Potluck at 6 

Good Luck to All Entries!



Trenton United Church

Exhibits to be placed between 5pm -5:30pm 

Prizes at 5:30 

SECTION E - JUNIOR COMPETITORS (16 years of age and under) 

Class 36 - SUNFLOWERS​ - grow in average to poor soil, Plant 4 seeds

12 in. apart, 1/2” deep, in full sun. ​WARNING: These plants may grow to 10 feet tall and need stalking

​ Cut your biggest flower with a stem about 10” long and put it in a container of water and bring it in to win your prize!! Let the birds eat the seeds on the tall stalks. 

Class 37 - ZUCCHINI SQUASH -​ ​plant 3 seeds,

​ 1 inch deep, in a special hill (dig a hole 12 inches deep and 2 feet wide, in full sun. Put 6” of compost or manure in the bottom of your hole, then fill it back up with the soil you dug out) They will need 6 feet to grow their vines

Keep them watered if there is no rain. Put mulch on top of your hill when the seeds sprout, it will keep the fruit dry and the roots moist. Eat them while they are small (1” - 2” diameter) but let one stay on the vine and see how big it will get. Bring in your biggest zucchini to win a prize!! 

Class 38 - SCARLET RUNNER (pole beans) -​ plant 2 seeds 

​ 1” deep and 3” apart close to a pole or chain link fence (anything their tendrils can twist around to climb up) They will have beautiful flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and you can also eat the young bean pods that grow after the flower drops off. ​ They will grow 7’ tall and bloom well into August. Bring in some flowers in a vase and/or pods to win your prize!!