Minutes from Sept. 19th meeting:        

Our Guest Speaker was Aptie Sookoo from Prince Edward County Public Health

Topic” Lime Disease

Aptie is a Public Health Inspector with 17 years of experience

He gave an informative talk about Lyme Disease, including what it is, the lifecycle of ticks, different types of ticks, signs and symptoms, treatments and statistics for the region over the past several years.

There were brochures available after the meeting.

Meeting Minutes from Thursday September 19, 2019

Meeting called to order by Judy Muldoon at 8:10pm

Approval of the Meeting Minutes from August 15: 

Motioned by: Bonnie Bowness, Seconded by Colette Richardson

Membership Report: Anne Tetreault:

We currently have 110 members

Memberships will be half price until the end of the year.

Treasurer’s Report: Penny Tracy (Absent)

Judy advised that we are in great shape financially. The Financial Report will be Audited in time for the November AGM on November 21, 2019

Flower Show Committee: Lezlie Miller

If there is anyone interested in joining the flower show committee, please see Lezlie after the meeting.

Mini Flower Show: If you are participating in the show, please fill out the entry tag beside your entry. The voting will take place after the meeting while we are having coffee. Anyone present may vote. One poker chip per person. Thank you.

November Meeting Update: Judy Muldoon

Making a Holiday Urn Demo has been postponed to the November meeting will be presented by Judy Muldoon

The November meeting will have our Pot Luck Dinner, Chinese Auction and Elections for the 2020 Year. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Judy Muldoon directly at or by phone 613-962-6025

The Window Boxes at Old City Hall were not being watered and therefore we lost most of the plants. As a result, we put in artificial flowers. We have also added some Sedum plants until we change the boxes for Remembrance Day and the upcoming Holidays.

The 2020 Speaker List will be sent out with the October Agenda. It is our Club’s 40th anniversary so we are having 2 event months. At our May meeting we will be celebrating our anniversary with cake and in June we will be having our Strawberry Social. In July for our annual flower show we will be changing venue’s to Club 105. We will have the Flower show, a Roast Beef Dinner courtesy Bonnie and Teri and also a Guest Speaker: Carson Arthur.

We will also be having a booklet of the club’s events published and it will be available at the February 2020 Meeting.

Bus Tour 2020: We will be having our Annual Bus Tour and again it will be a Mystery. Catherine Lariviere’s husband is a tour bus driver and he will be driving us around. There will be enough for 24 people. Date and Time TBA.

Speaker on Marijuana: Open for discussion: Would you like to have a speaker in 2020 to talk about Marijuana. Show of Hands, Yes wins. Judy will find someone to speak to us.

Vimy Ridge Tree:

There has been a lot of discussions between the club and the city in regards to having a Vimy Ridge tree for our 40thanniversary. It is going to cost too much so the board decided that we would purchase trees (plum and pear) for the Community Gardens. Carson Arthur will help us get the trees. There will also be a plaque in honour of our 40thanniversary purchased.

OJES (Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards): The new OJES books are now available for $10. Please see Judy Muldoon if you would like a copy.

Ricter Herb Catalogues are available. See Judy after the meeting.

In Loving Memory:

Fran Boroughs’ husband Nev passed away. He was a new member to the club and one of the Auditors last year. A card of condolence was sent on behalf of the club.

Volunteer Hours:

Please remember to fill out your volunteer hours on the log sheet provided by Sally Latimour. We will require the completed forms at the November meeting please.

Elections are coming at the November meeting. If you would like to join the Board of Directors, please see Judy Muldoon.

If you have any ideas or comments, please contact Judy Muldoon.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm by Judy Muldoon

Minutes prepared by: Sally Latimour, Secretary

Agenda for October 17 2019 Meeting:

This month’s Guest Speaker: Ewa from Lower Trent Conservation

Topic: Climate Change in the Water Shed

Approval of Meeting Minutes from 

Motioned by: Seconded by:

Treasurer’s Report: Penny Tracy

Membership Report: Anne Tetreault

**Memberships are now half price until November**

**Please bring any Evergreen Bows, Red Dogwood Branches or Curly Willow to the October meeting so we can use them for the window boxes at Old City Hall. **

Volunteer Hours:

Please bring the sheets with your volunteer hours on it to the October and/or November meetings. If you need additional sheets, please see Sally Latimour at the meeting. I will also attach a copy of the log sheet and instructions with this e-mail.

Hospitality for October:

We are also looking for a few additional members to provide treats at the October Meeting.

Penny Tracy

Colette Richardson

Sally Latimour

Gisele Davis

Tina Bowers

Debbie Geib

Just a reminder that if you are on the list to provide treats, we would appreciate it if you would also help out in the kitchen with the set up and the clean up. At the end of the evening, please also make sure that you collect your dishes from the food table. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mini Flower Show:


HARVEST​… ​a dried design - three choices of size!

a) miniature design b) small design c) maximum 18” x 18” 

This is our last Mini Flower Show of the year. Let’s make it the best one yet!

**If you are participating in the Horticulture Division, please remember that the maximum number of entries is 2. **

The member with the most points collected from the 4 mini shows will be recognized at the November AGM.

**If you are participating in the show, please fill out your entry card. **